Welcome to N. Milani Designs.

We create ready-made prints and offer custom design services to the interior, fashion and graphic design communities. Our designs can be used on apparel, accessories, paper goods, beauty packaging, and interior products.
You will find trend driven graphics, yardage prints and placement prints with a focus on fashion, pattern and textile design.
The beauty of our designs is that they are not only for the fashion industry, but for anyone who is looking for great artwork for any project. These designs are copyrighted to N. Milani Designs until payment has been made in full, as per current copyright laws. 
The uniqueness of our website means that each design is a one off. So when you purchase and download a file, it is exclusively yours, it becomes unavailable to purchase again by anyone else. That's our guarantee to you. You can be assured that your design is truly yours!
(The designs, or any part of the designs, may not be used until purchase has been made).
You download the design file already in repeat/ seamless and in PDF format (if you require the file saved in another format please contact us).
We understand that ease and practicality are important therefore the designs are in repeat (8,16,32,64cm). This is to save you, our valued customer, precious time and money there is no need to pay someone else to put it in repeat for you.

Once you download the file you can get it printed on whatever surface you need.
We use Pantone colours for our designs. If you would like us to add colour swatches to the file for manufacturers we can do that for you upon request. Please be aware that colours are represented as close to real life as possible. please allow for slight variations from screen to print.
If you have any specific artwork requests, would like to design your own fabric or if you need a storyboard drawn up to show your clients and buyers please contact us and we can do that for you. We also design labels, swing tags, logos, advertising material, embroideries, appliques, specification drawings and much more!
Payment is available via credit card, direct deposit and PayPal.
N. Milani Designs is about getting you the quality graphics you need with the greatest of ease at the fastest of speeds. We would love to hear from you, so if you have any feedback or comments about how to improve our site, please let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Questions and Answers

Q. I need my design to be smaller/ larger and i can't do it myself.
. No Problem! Please contact us

Q. I need to change some colours and can't do it myself.
A. No Problem! Please contact us. The first colour change once a design is purchased is free. Then any changes after that will be charged at the normal rate.

Q. Can i have the file in illustrator format or .eps?
A. Yes, please contact us and we will email it to you.

Q. I have an idea for a print. Can you design it for me?
A. Yes, please contact us and send your brief so we can design it for you.

Q. I need a storyboard drawn up to show the items in my range in different colours and patterns.
A. Email us and we will call you to discuss the best storyboard presentations for you.

Q. I can't see enough of the print on the thumbnail and preview images.
A. We do that to discourage copy cats. Send us an email and we will send you a larger watermarked version.

Preferred supplier and printer of clothing, swimwear and lingerie fabric.



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